lens review #3 | klenspop ashley-s gray

hi guys, it’s chloe!

welcome to my third post and review on this blog, which will be for the ashley-s gray contact lens from klenspop! this is klenspop’s website, and this is the listing for the product. you can use the promotional code “R9LAF9SP” for a discount on your purchase! this can be used until march 31 2019!

btw, as of today (7/14/2017) klenspop is still having an ongoing sale where you can get a number of different brand name contact lenses at an amazing discount! check out a small part of the selection below, and head over to klenspop if you are interested in these great deals!

klenspop sale.png

to begin, here are klenspop’s images of the lenses + the specs! i got the same model (?) of lenses as last time, so other than the appearance of the lenses there are no other differences.

DIA: 14.5mm
Graphic DIA: 14mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Using Period: 6 months
Water Content: 38%
Power: 0.00~-6.00(0.25Step) // There are no -0.25 or -0.75
Manufacturer: LENSPOP
Origin: Korea
Package: 1 pair (2 pcs)

1. shipping & handling

> ordering & shipping: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

the lenses were shipped from korea on june 9, and i got them 10 days later on june 19! the shipping took a bit longer than usual, but it’s still quite fast in comparison to other circle lens shops so i still give them five stars as usual!

> packaging: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

they came in a yellow parcel that was sealed tightly, and the actual box containing the contacts was wrapped safely in bubble wrap.


this is the contact lens box after removing the bubble wrap. as usual, klenspop packaging is so beautiful and vibrant in color. i was a bit disappointed that i got the same box as last time, but it’s not like klenspop is keeping tabs on what box everyone has had already so i shouldn’t be complaining. x) the boxes are fun to collect though!



inside the box was, as usual, the contact lens vials, a free contact lens case, and plastic tweezers! not many sites send you free tweezers, so if you’re a fan of those then you’re in luck when it comes to ordering from klenspop! i personally only use the tweezers to get lenses out of the vials when i first receive them, and then never use them again lol… but if you have long nails, it may be helpful to keep these tweezers in a safe place to take out and use when needed.


2. circle lenses



i  got my lenses in 0.00 power as usual. again, i do wear glasses but i’m not sure about my prescription number so i get the powerless lenses to stay safe. in the future i plan on getting my eyes checked for a prescription number!

> comfort: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

if you read my previous review about the ashley-s green lenses, you would know that i was very happy with the comfort level of the lenses compared to the ellen 3color gray lenses. because these lenses are also part of the ashley-s series, my review for comfort is the same. i would be quite concerned if it weren’t, since comfort should be the same for all lenses in the same series. i am easily able to wear these lenses for a couple hours, and as long as i use eyedrops i can wear them for a while longer. but remember, it’s not good for your eyes to wear circle lenses for too long! make sure your eyes get some rest. (:

> color: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

of the list of lenses that klenspop gave me to choose from, none of the other lenses really caught my eye due to either lens diameter or design, so i decided to go with another ashley-s lens to buy some time lol– in the future i may decide to try out larger lenses though! from other reviews, people have said that this color is a blue-toned gray, which i really wanted to try out. blue was the next color i wanted to tackle on my wishlist, and since there wasn’t a true blue colored lens in the list klenspop offered to me, i decided to go with whatever was closest to blue. indeed, when looking closely at the lenses, you can see some blue specks on the lenses which creates the cool-toned gray.


however, when i put in the lenses, they didn’t show up as well as i thought they would. in the mirror, i remember thinking that it just looked like a medium gray, which is why i removed a star. i think this might have been the lighting though! as seen in the pics of me wearing the lenses at the end of the review, the color of the lenses shows up well in pictures! if you use flash, i would assume that the color shows up even better.


> enlargement: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

enlargement isn’t too big or small, it’s just right! although not considered to be large lenses at all, they still give a great amount of enlargement resulting in a natural look. if you want your eyes to look bigger but not too large, these lenses will do a good job for you!

> shipping & handling: 
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
> contact lenses: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

again, these were the ashley-s gray lenses from klenspop! if you’re too lazy to scroll back up, this is klenspop’s website, and this is the listing for the product. again, you can use the promotional code “R9LAF9SP” for a discount on your purchase! this can be used until march 31 2019! and don’t forget to check out their amazing sale. (:

finishing off with pics of me wearing the lenses (a/n: i have dark brown eyes!). thank you for reading my third review on these lenses from klenspop!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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